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Giving Up


Posted 20th July 2010 1819

so long my hubby and i have been trying for a baby!
Seems everyone around me is pregnant and having babies every time someone else announces they are having a baby I die a little inside, it hurts so bad… I have to pretend to be okay with it all the time but it hurts, a lot!

when can it be our turn when can we have our own baby I dont want to lose another baby :(

pregnant babies announces inside pretend

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Posted by Mei 24th July 2010

Why can’t you adopt? Just like you’re wishing for a baby, there’re kids wishing for parents.

Posted by Anonymous 24th July 2010

hi i no exactly how you feel, i had a mc in feb and still cant get over it, i have a friend who is due a week after i was due and 3 other friend who are due around the same amount of time and it kills evrytime you hear the words ” im pregnant” id kill to say those words again but i suppose when it is our time it will come, im sorry if this isnt much help but just wanted to let you no that your not alone!

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