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Going on for years, it has just about reached its peak.

Posted 24th March 2012 1118

My anxiety has increased day by day recently. I suffered from low self esteem as a child, my family was very cruel towards me during my childhood. The reasons for the beatings were for menial things, my mother had a hard childhood and I believe she took much of her anger out on her children because of that. I don’t harbor any hatred for her anymore, but I do blame my self esteem issues and social problems a little on my parents.
The anxiety was new to me in middle school, I was quite socially active in elementary school so it goes beyond me. I was very shy and introverted, keeping to myself in most cases. For a number of reasons, my anxiety had gotten increasingly worse throughout my days in school. I had a hard time coping with social situations and it only made me more and more frustrated. High school, I thought I could make friends, but it only left me with bitter thoughts. Freshman year was the worst, I was bullied harshly by my classmates. I never told my few friends, as I thought they would leave me. With the tough situation at school, I had to deal with the tough situation at home as well. I was more of the black sheep of the family, mentally broken down and physically as well. Depression kicked in and it’s stuck with me ever since.

As of today I suffer from severe depression, panic disorder, anxiety and an eating disorder. I have a hard time getting words out of my mouth when I speak to people, and it increases my anxiety.
I detest my entire life, if I wasn’t such a coward I would end it all.

depression anxiety social life

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Posted by Anonymous 7th August 2015

Dear Anonymous,
I read about your anxiety. Don’t let people do this to you. Be confident in who you are. People support you all the way like me. Just because you have all these disorders doesn’t mean they define you. Ignore the rude comments and keep your head held high princess. Don’t let people bring you down. Be confident in yourself.

Stay Strong,

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