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Going to Hell


Posted 11th November 2012 1516

I’m in love with my best-friend (another girl) and I can’t say anything because she’s completely in love with her boyfriend. Not to mention I was raised in a very strict christian household and if my parents ever found out I even thought about liking a girl they would completely disown me and tell me I’m going to hell. For once, I just wanna be me and be happy

love friend girl hell

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Posted by Nike 10th December 2012

Though I doubt you’ll see this, you’re not going to hell. It’s natural for you to like who you like, and both F/F and M/M relationships are common occurrences outside of humans, so why anyone thinks they should be unnatural with humans is confusing. Now, if she’s happy with her boyfriend, I don’t think you’ll be able to sway her much. People like stability and ease, and changing the structure of two relationships for something completely different is probably one of the least stable actions. It makes great television, but a terrible life choice.

The best suggestion I can give, is simply wait till you move out to act on feelings of that kind, and don’t go to a Christian College

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