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Got friend fired


Posted 25th January 2009 2583

Ok, so i got my best friend of 15 years fired from our mutual job. Heres how.
A few weeks ago, me and my friend go to a bar. We see our boss’s wife at the bar (I’ve always wanted to bang her), so I buy her a drink (cran vodka) and spike it. My friend, feeling entitled, snatches the drink I had just bought and downed it in one sip. I buy her another and repeat the process.
Fast forward 30 minutes and she’s back at my place (my friend too, who passed out on the couch early) Halfway thru the night (after I’m done stuffing her brains out) I kick her out of my bedroom and into the living room. She wakes up naked on the same couch as my friend, not remembering ANYTHING from the night before. Neither did my friend. I take a picture on my phone, too good an opportunity to pass up.I tell them they had vicious sex all night on the couch, just for giggles, and they both freak out. Big deal!
A couple of weeks go by and I forget the whole incident. Me and my friend are both up for the same promotion. Rather than leave it up to fate, I show the boss the pictures and of his wife and my friend. My friend confesses (to what he thinks he did) and is promptly escorted out of the building. My boss and his wife get divorced 3 months later.
I got the promotion!

friend fired boss work-related humor

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Posted by Anonymous 25th January 2009

wow. thats probably one of the coldest things ive ever heard.

Posted by Bob 25th January 2009

I salute you sir.

Posted by Anonymous 25th January 2009

I’m guessing this person is no longer your friend? I wouldn’t be if you did that, very mean.

Posted by um… 25th January 2009

Your boss fired your friend for sleeping with his wife? A boss can’t do that. Your friend can sue. Clearly your friend was good at his job since he was up for a promotion, so he’d have a really good case.

Also, I don’t believe your story is true.

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

Im sorry i read your story 3 times and the only thing that is wrong is that your friend owes you for the drink that he drank. Make sure you get your money. Also congrats on the promotion.

Posted by Anonymous 6th February 2009

Ive seen this post on Ug and i call bs

Posted by Greg 27th February 2010

I hope you die

Posted by Not Today 5th September 2011

Wow, bro. You got someone’s life in turmoil (actually two people’s lives in shiz) cos you wanted a promotion?! Hope the caviar in hell is still tasty!

Posted by sociopath? 30th October 2011

Have you conscience? You need some serious psycological help. The fact that you think this is funny means you have a serious problem.

Posted by wow 9th November 2011

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Posted by Buttz 10th December 2015

Wow. So you raped a lady and blamed it on your friend. GOD have mercy on you.

Posted by me 5th March 2017

thats clearly amazing wow

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