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Grow up Mom


Posted 21st September 2012 110

Dear Mom,
Yeah Mom I know you hate my friends, but you know all the people you want me to hang with? Yeah Mom their all a bunch of sluts. You want me to hang with sluts mom? And that day when I went to someones house instead of staying where you wanted me? It started storming like crazy! You wanted me to stay in a public place when I could’ve been somewhere where if it stormed I’d be safe.
Oh and fuck it, you hate my friends? Well I still hate you. YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHO I AM! My friends are less ‘trouble makers’ than the people you want as my friends. Plus all of the ones you seem to like are on drugs. Yup that’s the right crowd. And just because their parents talk bad about my friends and good about their kid DOESN’T mean it’s true.
If you hate me so much you should’ve put me up for adoptive many years ago. And yes I respect the things you buy me, but no I don’t like it when you call me an expensive bitch to your friends. Having me watched at school isn’t going to change who my friends are either.
Mom it’s time YOU grew up. Learn something Mom. I doubt that YOUR mom liked your friends, but you still hung out with them and you still do and their bad people. I don’t see why you hate my friends so much. I also don’t see why you only yell at ME. You have two other children.
You punish them yes, but you never make them do anything. Especially the youngest. Mom I’m not your little bitch. I am a kid, I make mistakes, but yes I respect, or semi-respect you. But if you keep acting like a slag, how am I suppose to know what’s right and wrong.
Your rules on me make no sense either. When I was 10 I wanted to dye my hair, but no I wasn’t old enough, but when my little sister turned ten you let her do whatever the fuck she wanted. Yeah that helps. Oh yeah what about dating. I remember when I was 13 and wanted to go on a date you said no. But when my brother was 12 you let him go on an unchaperone date.
What else…Oh yeah I hate it how I can’t do anything with anyone, but both my brother and sister can do whatever they want with whoever they want. It makes perfect sense right? No…No thanks Mom.
So yeah thank you for showing me that you really ‘care’ for me. I know you have your favorite children and I know they are not me, obviously. Grow up Mom.

‘Your fucking idiot of a child’


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