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Posted 2nd April 2009 1918

Why does she bother me so much?! He went on one date with her before we got together and I know nothing came of it because he didnt feel a spark. I know Im the only girl he wants and I completely believe him about how much he loves me. He’s the one, I will marry him one day, he’s told me all of this. Its just that she obviously had strong feelings for him, and she still texted him while we were together and left him comments the same as before. She didnt even acknowledge that he had a girlfriend, she’s 24 for fucks sake & she was still trying to get with him while he was in a relationship. Its her I dont trust, not him. But it hurts to think about her taking him, it hurts to think about her even trying.

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Posted by Anonymous 3rd April 2009

I know exactly how you feel! My advice to you would be, not to ignor you feelings about her, no matter how much you trust him and he tells you he loves you. Cuz the second you let your gaurd down she will do anything she can to be in your spot next to him. I had that happen to me with the man I thought I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. And so I trusted that we were strong enough to forget about her and the second I did that, the next thing I knew she had him and I was left picking up the pieces. I’m not trying to scare you or discurage you. I’m just trying to tell you that untill she is no longer an issue in your lives and she is far away, keep an eye on her!!

Posted by Anonymous 3rd April 2009


Posted by Anonymous 3rd April 2009

He’s fucking her behind your back you fat bitch

Posted by Anonymous 12th April 2009

You’re a loser

Posted by Anonymous 21st April 2009

You’re pathetic. shut the fuck up

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