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Happy Fcking Birthday

Posted 1st July 2010 2116

Another birthday comes and no one notices or cares. No cake, no presents, no nothing. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 8. That was ten years ago. This year, I was second to an indoor grill that my mother “Just had to have.” This woman has a 400 dollar grill outdoors. I’m not asking for a huge freaking deal, just grab a tiny pre-made cake from walmart, I don’t even need candles! Is it too much to ask for? Am I wrong for wanting one of my parents to recognize my birthday? Am I being selfish or unreasonable for wanting attention one measly day a year?


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Posted by Anonymous 18th August 2010

If it makes you feel better everybody forgets my birthday too. Not even so much as an email. I did once get a birthday email from someone six months to the day after my last birthday and before my next. So the longest possible time from my birthday. Thing is that now I kinda got comfortable. Its like my little secret, I now make up random days when people ask when my birthday is. Its kinda fun.

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