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Hate the person in my life called ‘dad’.


Posted 19th February 2012 1116

Hate my dad for never giving shit about us, never thinking about us or our future, acting like he was the emperor in house ( expecting from everyone to welcome him home, inviting him to the dinnertable, basically ; he had to be the most important person in house). He was rich when I was little, he blew away his money by lending it to his family members (250.000 loans ; of which he actually never expected back). Never made any investment on our name (he does have 4 houses on his name in which his fucking family lives for free, He wouldnt even think about selling those houses). When he lost all his money ( due to him living so large, 16 years ago) he had the guts to blame my mom and her relatives for it. He never paid shit for my school / university / clothing / hobbies (and neither did he for my brother and sister). Didn’t pay rent, electricity, gas, water NOTHING. My mom paid it all ( with us all living in the house of my grandpa(mother side)) He was verbally abusive, sometimes physically (not me lately ; seeing how I’d knock him the fuck out if he would touch me). Long story short : he got kicked out by my mom after trying to hit her ( I prevented that ). My fucking idiot piece of shit sister feels he should return (she doesnt care jack shit about him either ; he just started giving her allowance to ‘win’ her over). My view : no way that he is returning (ignoring him for 6 months because all he communicates about is how he has a hard time now that he has no shelter …. tough luck son of a bitch; shouldnt blow all your money by gambling it ).


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