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Helping a blind friend?


Posted 14th December 2008 2319

I have a friend that is keen on going back with her ex boyfriend, thinking that they will be more than friends. She tells me and others they’re just friends. Only, I know all he wants to be is friends with benefits (fuck buddies), which me and other friends of hers have told her in the past, yet she still has sex with him. I know she’s well aware of what she’s doing. I really want to help her but she never listens. Do I try to confront her telling her what she’s doing will not end well and is unhealthy or just leave it alone? She thinks he keeps coming back to her cause of love but he simply just wants to get some.

fuck buddies friend boyfriend past

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Posted by cps 14th December 2008

Ask her why she loves him, then break her down from there. She probably already knows, but is in denial.

Posted by Anonymous 14th December 2008

Let her be, some people need to learn the hard way…

Posted by Anonymous 20th December 2008

Just be her friend…Thats what she needs. She probably knows wht she is doing is stupid, but she still loves him so she doesn’t care. Maybe she thinks she can make him lover her again. Who knows. But just be a good friend. Let her figure it out. And then don’t tell her “I told ya so”…Just be her friend…

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