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Horrible Boyfriend.

Posted 28th August 2010 1012

My mother’s boyfriend of 5 years lives across the street from us. This man will wait until my mother leaves then run over to her house. He will then start drinking beer. (usually around 9 am until 9 pm.) He doesn’t even talk to my mother when she’s home. If she doesn’t drive him around town when he wants to, he will throw a fit. Even when my mother had a doctor’s appointment. His cigarettes were more important.

I work full time and he still calls me lazy and fat. (He started calling me fat after I successfully beat a year long eating disorder.) He denies calling me such things and says I’m just jealous. My mother treats him like gold, even though he treats her like dirt. She tells me it’s better than being alone. Well, I tried for five long years to deal with this. I tried to help her. I’m finished.

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