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How old were you?


Posted 13th May 2011 1711

My parents kinda leaves their kindergartner daughter by herself after picking her up from school its the same even with no school. This little girl fends for herself until her awesome parents come home at 8 sometimes 9. Mind you I don’t live with them I only know this because the neighbors told me how she wanders around outside when she is bored but seriously how old were you when your parents left you to fend for yourself? I should do something about it but you know if its a norm then i would be worrying for nothing. Hey its awesome that both of her parents work 12 hours days 7 days a week but where I draw the line is when they ditch her to go gambling and what she is reduced to eating a cold hotdog And month old bread.

parents roaming child kindergarter

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Posted by whatdoiknow? 12th January 2012

This isn’t acceptable. She could get hurt. Also, this will damage her mental image of her parents and other authorities. Little kids get scared about stupid things and their parents should be around to make it better.

Posted by Anonymous 1st February 2012

No, that’s not normal. A call to social services is in order here.

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