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Posted 16th January 2012 37

You write about racial equality and gender issues, you consider yourself the ideal intelligent white man voyaging beyond reconciliation towards justice, but you are a fraud. I can’t believe how you are rising to recognition in your field for your work in progressive race theory while you take a black woman home and treat her like a $15 hooker, slapping her around, choking her and grabbing her by the hair, demanding she serve you and do demeaning and unhealthy things. After that you deny any future plans said you wanted to share with her. She did those things because she loved you, but soon realized that you are an emotional fucktard incapable of loving anyone but yourself. Do you get off on your double identity? You say you have imposter syndrome, but it isn’t the paper credentials that you are questioning, it’s your own hypocrisy. You are a pig, and one day you will be known by your rotten fruit.

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Posted by sucks 17th February 2012

I hope that man goes to jail. I am assuming it’s a man, which is probably correct, but whatever.
Actually, I hope he goes to hell or whatever dark place awaits him, so he can experience firsthand what he did to others.

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