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I GET IT! You think you’re happy.


Posted 30th April 2011 1817

I’m really tired of seeing you tag one another in posts or tweet at one another about your undying love. You want him because you are desperate to have someone love you. He wants you because you’re attractive. We get it you’re “boyfriends.” I apologize now, that I care for you too much. I’m a pathetic loser who’s killed himself working out and lost 80 lbs to make myself look like someone you could love. I’m still not you ideal, so I will continue to do this so maybe, just maybe, when he breaks your over-attached heart. I’ll be there to help you through it. I won’t be such a disgusting person to try anything then. No, I’ll wait until I think your smart enough and have been hurt enough and I look good enough to ask you to remove me from the friend zone. It may never work and I will hopefully move on but I will still love you.

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Posted by Anonymous 6th May 2011

every week create an artwork, then destroy it.
continue to work out and watch your diet.
join an LBGT support group.
if his attentions ever turn towards you, reject them.
ce que vous recherchez ne viendra pas de lui.

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