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Posted 3rd August 2012 38

UGH i am just so sick of everything wrong in my life. i just came back from freaking college orientation at a college 7 hours away from my house. i went with my older sister and her boyfriend omfg she is so freaking mean wtf. okay. whats wrong with paying for me? mahybe i am freaking spoiled but fuck hyou have like freaking bipolar problems. i am so scared of you damn. okay whats wrong with spending a few more bucks on me. what is your problem? youre the one who wants to order two dishes and share. i just asked you if you want any rice, and you just have to freaking freak out. okay i just asking a simple question. yes or no. you want rice? you dont have to freaking throw a tantrum and be like i dont want it anymore wtf? like everything i do pisses you off. i just have to drop off the keys and told you to give me a few more minutes because there was a line and you have to freak out that i didnt go earlier. dude come on. i didnt freaking know there was a line calm the fuck down.and i just told you i want to get out of orientation because it was so boring and that i hate it. and then you HAVE to be like well wtf youre going to be there for four years and shit. HELLO? okay its my freaking first day and i thought that you would like to know how i feel about you and you just have to freaking criticize me. UGH i do not want to see you or communicate with you anytime soon. gosh you have some problems. i seriously dont want to go on a trip with you again or anything. just go read your freaking sex books and be with your boyfriend. youre going to be a loner when you guys break up. youre going to realize your life isnt always about freaking purses and your boyfriend. care about your family for once for god sakes. fuck and i have this freaking annoying ass friend. youre so freaking like nasty. i know you talk behind peoples backs and you always think youre in the center of everything. like come on im just to talk to a friend and you have to interrupt. you can be a good friend sometimes but sometimes GTFO. and to bf, freaking calm the fuck down. i just havent talked to you for a few days and youf reaking freak out. i cant fraeking always talk in a sweet tone to you ALRIGHT? damn just give me a break. your life is a mess and stop relying on me. i cant always be your mom. and omfg these girls are such bargiubetiuauiagiuargigiur. oawuoaiugiurugiuagneriufn. I HATE THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. when will it get better….. i just want peace and quiet. if there is just someone who i can talk to right now. someone who will listen..

excuse typos and curse words.

i am thankful for what i already have. but kinks just have to get out. world please give me the answer to my problems

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