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I am human, and I am pissed.


Posted 7th June 2010 67

I shit. I piss. I sleep. I eat. I fuck. I get angry. I get sad. I question my reality. I question what I have been told as a child. I question the motives of others. I question the motives of myself. I am a spectator. I am a partaker. I am a player. I am a bench warmer. I am a fighter. I am a winner. I am a loser. I am a gamer. I am a movie junkie. I question religion. I like animals. I believe in a supreme being. I believe in personal growth. I believe in both the power of emotions and rationale.

I am a human. I am not mentally insane. I do not need to be locked up in the nut house. I refuse to be dumbed down by a materialistic, emotionless, lust filled society. I, above all, am a human. I am a human who lives out his humanity. I am a human who looks around himself and does not like what he sees of this world. I am a human who is very, very pissed off.

human alive

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Posted by the bright side 9th June 2010

at least you fuck

Posted by Anonymous 30th June 2010

Get over yourself, you’re in a better position than most of the world.

Posted by Anonymous 29th July 2010

Better position? What does that really mean? You don’t even know me, nice shot in the dark there.

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