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I call bullshit!!


Posted 3rd July 2011 1416

So much to vent & gripe…

I love my job but despise my boss. It’s a fucking &%#@&! store, not a dictatorship! I HATE being a pawn in a fucking power play. it’s BULLSHIT. And I REALLY hate it when the fucking martyr card is pulled- its so fucking lame. I have a really hard time grasping the illogical psycho bullshit, when I’m a logical & reasonable person. Goddamn judgmental assholier than thou bitch. For fucks sake!! GET A GRIP!!

And why is it I always attract guys that want the bennies without the friends part? “I have a crush on you. Let’s hang.” translates to “let’s fuck & then I’ll leave.” Yeah I’m battin’ a thousand in that department. NO I don’t want a husband- been there, done that, NOT doin’ it again. NO I don’t want a boyfriend- I need to play that pressure role like I need a frontal lobotomy. Apparently it’s too much to ask for a guy that is a truly good friend you hang out with & do stuff, and maybe even have some sex. Men are simple, and that’s as simple as it gets- what’s so fucking hard about it???

I’m sick & fucking tired of being lonesome, and living in my own head. It gets OLD. Frankly, Scarlett, I’m getting too old for the fucking bullshit games & head trips- I don’t have time or energy to play that crap. But it never seems to fucking matter what age of man I get with- there’s ALWAYS some fucked up bullshit game. And NO I’m not getting with a woman- that’s 10 times the neurotic girlie bullshit that a man has. Being a tomboy that gets along with men better than women is a real bitch. It’s totally like being in limbo. I’d still rather be there than in stupid superficial girlie neurotic land. I just don’t get why men are attracted to that kind of women, when they piss & moan about their psycho shit?? Maybe realism & honesty is too terrifying. I don’t know. What-the-fuck-ever.

Religion, politics, & societal BULLSHIT: GET OVER IT YA FUCKIN MORONS

Aw fuck it. I’m stickin to mah beer, blues, books, & black metal. Everbody else can get fucked.

despise fucking dictatorship bullshit martyr pulled grasping illogical

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