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I can’t stand my father


Posted 20th March 2014 1224

My father is 61 and is a tyrant. First of all, he is sexist asshole and ignores anything my mom and I say. My father has a superiority complex where he feels and thinks he is better than everyone and can treat people like crap because he makes more money, he’s smarter, he’s older, or whatever stupid reason his head comes up with. He is disgusting because he does NOT shower, clean up his urine when he “spills”, changes his clothes, or washes his hands. He thinks that because he is old, he doesn’t have to maintain personal hygiene or even think about other people who have to live with his disgusting habits. (I mean who wants to step in urine when they use the restroom and touch something a person who doesn’t wash his hands touches) Because he is “old” in his eyes (he is not even considered a senior citizen yet!), he feels that he does not have to do anything and can do whatever he wants.

My father believes he does not have to do household chores because he is a man, and women should do all the work, while he makes money. In his eyes he believes that money is so important that because he makes money, he should be put on a throne and reveled. My poor mother also works, and she does all the cooking, cleaning, laundry in the household. I try to help, but I’m at school a majority of the time and can’t help. While my brother and father sit on their thrones and play computer games all day, my mother is a slave to them. My father has one role in his eyes, and that is a financial supporter, but the problem is that he will hold onto the money and we have to treat him like a god in order to get the money out of him. If we ask him to clean up after himself (which is something a normal human being should do), he will threaten to cut us off financially. But here’s the funny thing, he gives my uncle (his brother) in Asia around 20 grand whenever he calls, and here we are, his wife and children stuck to pleasing the “PRINCESS” just to get him to pay for something. Another thing is that, my father HATES it when my mother uses her OWN MONEY that she EARNED for her family, because it means that money is lost.

Hey at least he pays for your tuition and everyday financial problems! Well that is true, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to drive my mother to being a slave and disregard her as a person. That also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to do anything but pay for the bills, and have the right to act as a dictator.

Exhibit Two of my useless father: He is always angry and will curse at us when we ask him to do anything. I tell him it’s dinnertime and to eat, he yells and curses at me. I tell him to clean up his spill, he yells and storms out of the house. My father is like a ticking time bomb, and the instant you tell him to do ONE thing he will explode into yelling, cursing, and slamming doors. At the same time, these actions are humorous because it just proves he is even more of a child, because he throws temper tantrums.

Exhibit Three: My father is shameless. He will literally start yelling in the middle of the street or in front of guest when he doesn’t get his way. When people are staying over, he believes that he has even more of a “right” to disrespect my mother and start yelling at her to show his male dominance. He’s not afraid to cuss out my mother and I on front of public television.

So why didn’t my mother divorce him, or why do we rely on his money so much? Well the truth is, my mom does not make enough money to support herself, my brother and I on our own. Most of her money goes to my disabled grandmother. (who my father hates because she using up my mother’s money!!) My mother wanted to divorce him, but when I was little (when I actually cared for him), I refused to let them get divorce. Also if my mom did get divorce, she wouldn’t get much child support from him (considering I’m a legal adult and my brother is also almost a legal adult). I also turned down lots of good schools so I can stay and live at home and so that my mother won’t die of exhaustion from my lazy useless father and brother.

In conclusion, my father use to be a respectable man, but for the past few years, he has turned into a monster. In the past he was someone I respected, and even though he had a temper and was lazy, it wasn’t to this level. Everyday we fight BECAUSE of him. I don’t know how my father changed so drastically in a period of 3 years, but I can’t stand him right now and I honestly HATE my father.

So thank you internet people for those who read my rant all the way. It feels really great to release all this stress I’ve been piling up. So for those beautiful TROLLS, I UNDERSTAND that my life is not as bad as I think it is. I UNDERSTAND that at least I have a father and my problems are not that bad. I UNDERSTAND that there are easy ways out of my situation, but I just felt the need to rant and maybe get some support out of it.

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