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I don’t want to be a fat ass!


Posted 30th March 2013 37

My husband is a fat ass. Flat out. Not only that but he has health issues because of it, and eating is an addiction for him. Well, misery loves company so now I weigh more than I have in my entire LIFE! Including when I was full term pregnant with either of the three babies I carried. Though I’m still not a fat ass, I don’t appreciate him cooking like he’s trying to win on Hell’s Kitchen, tempting me all hours of the night with all this lovely food because it won’t belong before neither one of us will be able to fit through the door! Yesterday morning he went in the kitchen and made a fried pork chop sandwich for breakfast instead of a fruit plate or a light breakfast consisting of a boiled egg and a slice of toast with coffee. No, he’s gotta pour on the fat meat greasy. I couldn’t help myself so I said to him, “You eat like a fat person! Stop it!” Needless to say, he’s been SUPER pissed ever since, but hey…everyone has a breaking point and tipping new weights on the scale is mine. The next time he goes near the kitchen after 8 pm, I’m going to spend the night at one of my kids’ houses, I swear!

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Posted by blah 10th May 2013

You sound like a really selfish person. All you can think about is yourself and how it affects you. OMG, you are fat (but not fat). You sound like you are drunk. You don’t deserve him. I hope he cheats on you and leaves you.

Posted by Dr. Rage 12th August 2013

Its true, being around fat people can make you fat..especially if they’re willfully lazy. Attitudes are contagious.

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