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I failed

Posted 19th July 2010 57

I failed my entrance exam for the fourth time.

I’m a disappointment to myself and my family. I feel sick. I don’t think I have enough strength in me to live anymore. It’s not like anything bad will happen if I cease to exist; my family would be less embarrassed on my behalf if I died instead of kept failing.

It’s over. For what’s its worth - I tried. Oh God, I tried so hard.

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Posted by Diderot 23rd July 2010

I know how you feel. About four years ago I took the LSAT twice. The first time I took it I bomb it and got a score of 139. The second time I got a 143. I basically gave up on my life dream of being a lawyer and I’ve been regretting it ever since. The point is that even though you’ve tried and tried you shouldn’t give up. If this is truly something that want to accomplish in your life then you should NEVER give up on yourself. Eventually you’ll get there and hopefully you’ll find your path.

Posted by Anonymous 29th July 2010

Every life is worthwhile. You may think that your family is ashamed of you, but they will never be able to replace you if you “cease to exist”. That will leave a very deep scar in your family and friends. As Diderot says, you shouldn’t give up. Change your approach, change your viewpoint, maybe take a little vacation, but don’t give up. Over and above everything remember that you are precious to God, and He doesn’t care how many times you fail, only that you keep trying.

Posted by Anonymous 13th August 2010

I can relate, for sure. I hate being me, and there’s really no way to express to other people what that’s like. But at the same time, I have a very simple belief that helps keep me sane (and alive). Everything that happens happens for a reason. We may not know why, but there’s a reason there. You’ll find somewhere you fit in the future, and you’ll serve a purpose and feel content. Every knock and ding now just helps groom you for your future purpose.

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