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I feel so cheated.


Posted 16th September 2011 913

This guy has been asking me out and doing such sweet things for me since the school year. I was new to the (high)school and everything (being a relationship) so I told him I’ll think about it. I thought about it and told him to meet me at lunch so I could tell him, but every single time, he blows me off.

One time, he randomly puts headphones and me and thought I couldn’t hear, but the thing wasn’t on and I did hear. “She looks like a nerd.” Okay, then why does he say I look cute, sexy and beautiful if he thinks I look like a nerd?

I thought about it, and decided yes, I would want to go out with him, but just today, one of my closes friends who happened to have sixth period with him told me she saw him making out with his bestfriend in class. Apparently, he snuck her into their chemistry class and were making out and practically going to second base. I have that teacher and trust me, they could be haing a party in the back and she still wouldn’t notice.

Should I just forget him?

cheated makeout secondbase nerd321123

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Posted by tbh 17th September 2011

Forget about him. Even if you started going out with him, would you be able to trust him to be serious with you and not cheat on you?

You deserve better.

Posted by seriously 22nd September 2011

the guy sounds like a dick - either he likes you and is too embarassed to say in front of people, or he just wanted to mess you around for the fun of it - ditch him, write it up as experience and move on!!

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