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I hate it… (ventting)


Posted 6th January 2009 2926

I hate how my parents well mostly my mother is so overprotected of me and my younger sister gets treated like fucking royalty. Half the crap that my mom did for me growing up she doesn’t even do with my sister. She has all the “trust” in her according to my mother. She doesn’t do anything wrong…BULLSHIT. I slipped up maybe once or twice growing up but I never did anything to not have my mother not trust me. I never got a cellphone till I was 14 and ONLY because of the fact my bus ran late and I didn’t get home from school till like 4:30pm, when I would on a normal day be home around 2pm. Its just nonsense, she got a phone when she was what 11??? Going into middle school because my mom trusted her and was scaaared for her. And she lost or broke like ten million damn phones back then. In high school when I came home I had to call my mommy and tell her I was hoooome, and ask of course if I could go out (most parents do this with asking) nope not my sister she doesn’t have to call she just comes home relaxs or maybe call dad if she wanted to go out maybe if she wanted or invite people over and not say anything. Its just utter bullshit. I got watched like a damn hawk and fuck I’m 20 years old and they still pull this shit on me and I don’t live with them anymore!! I just visit them!! And I come home for vacation have to tell them when I’ll be back, where I’m going, call them if I’ll be out later because mom will stay up waiting for me. I even have a 12 o clock CURFEW?!?! What person has a curfew on a vacation? Let alone normally lives on their OWN. “Oh I just get worried about you!!” Bullshit, you don’t know what I do when I’m not here with you!! So you shouldn’t have to worry about me what so ever!! My sister can go out and whatever she fucking pleases with her 18 year old boyfriend, but again when I was her age I WAS WATCHED LIKE A HAWK. I fucking hate it. God now I remeber why I hated living with my mother. I can’t stand her bullshit…..

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Posted by Anonymous 24th February 2010

You sound like an angsty thirteen year old.
You’re complaining about how late you got a phone, compared to your sister. You’re petty. So is your family.

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