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I hate living here


Posted 1st April 2011 2016

I live here with my family with her family. I really hate arguments or any conversation with my moms husband. I wouldn’t be here if my mom didn’t need help to keep her home from foreclosure. My moms husband isn’t enough help since he spends more than he makes on their 5 year old spoiled brat of a daughter and my mother is a optimistic gambler. I on the other hand stay home to watch my two boys as my husband works everyday to pay rent and provide for us. The retarded daily of my mothers spends every cent on their daughter and two dogs and think its ok to eat my babies food that my husband pays for. And every single week they complain about no gas for the car and how the dogs foods is expensive and how they wouldn’t care if the big dog they have just ran away. Just then my idiot husband accidentally(supposedly….i highly doubt it) let that bitch go and leaves for work just then the bitch comes back as well as my moms husband and he yells at me. Then HE SO AS MUCH THREATEN TO PUT MY TWO YEAR OLD OUTSIDE BY HIMSELF. FIRST OF ALL KNOWING HIM AND HOW HE GETS HIS DAUGHTER TO PUNCH MY SON. I KNOW HE WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT IF I WASN’T THERE WATCHING EVERY SECOND. Now my mom is outside crying because she tried so hard to get me back and I am ready to leave and rent out an apartment. She is trying to put me on a guilt trip saying how tired she is having to work 7 days a week and still needs help. Common for my whole life her 2 jobs were your addiction and how is it my fault she settled down with a registered sex offender? So fucking lame

rant bitch stop complaining

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