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I hate my family


Posted 8th February 2014 517

I’m 14 and I know it normal to feel a bit of a disconnection or frustration towards family members at this age, but I think my disliking towards them stretches a bit far past normal. My dad makes websites. He’s not home often and if he is, he’s downstairs working on his computer. We just moved back to our home town from California because finances, but I guess we’re building a house??? What sense does that make?? If we aren’t financially stable how are we building a house? I used to tutor everyday for this girl but lately she hasn’t been calling me so I no longer classify myself as a tutor. Back then, I paid for everything by myself. My parents would obviously pay for my food and I was lucky that they paid for my skin-care (small acne problem) but other than that, I’m completely independent. Of course I like shopping and I’m interested in the latest trends but now that I’m not tutoring, I have no source of income. Keep in mind I’m 14 years old. Where I live we have severe snow and cold weather so I asked my dad the other day for a northface and he gave me this huge rant about “What do you do other than talk on the phone and use your computer and sleep?” well I used to tutor, I travel around local cities to give speeches to adults about a class of mine, I’m in the school musical, I keep up my straight A’s, and I’m friends with the good crowd!! “What are you doing with your life?” Trying to create a stable foundation for my high school resume so I can get into a good college! My mom has anxiety and blood pressure problems, along with severe anger issues. She recently picked up a new job to support the building of a new house, but I hear her and my dad speak about getting a new car??? We have a 3-driver household and 3 cars that work perfectly fine… My mom often speaks of how she gives everything up for us, everything is for her kids… I beg to differ. My sister is 19 and a freshman in college, she’s making bad decisions. Her twitter is on public and is a joke. She does drugs, drinks alcohol, parties, skips classes, she even failed a class last semester! She said “She couldn’t do it” but what are my parents paying all of this out-of-state tuition for??? They give her a check monthly for food and other necessities, which I’m sure goes to fund her other needs. For her 18th birthday party, she had a Victoria’s Secret themed party on an unsupervised party bus and she was literally wearing only lingerie!! Once, my family came home early from church (which she decided long ago that she didn’t wish to attend) and I caught her in the shower with her boyfriend!! I’ve read her diaries and she lost her virginity at AGE 19!!! I just can’t believe my parents think she’s this great person, when really they don’t know the half of it. My brother who’s 16 is bearable because we choose not to affiliate with each other publicly. But he’s a giant bully and is almost constantly very rude to me and if I bite back, I’m the one who gets lectured. I really give up on this family. I’m doing the best I can and to be honest I think I’ve accomplished more in my 14 years of life than all the rest of my family combined. I can’t wait to get out of this house and not have to speak to them ever again. This house is a prison and the only reason I haven’t run away yet is because of the extreme cold and I need money and food. I use my family for money. I hate my parents to be totally honest. I hate all of them. I wish my sister was never born because I know she makes God sad with her decisions. If she died, I would be glad because that’s one less mess of a person walking in my life. I don’t see her going anywhere significant in her life, and my parents will live a boring life. When I’m older, and if I somehow am in charge of them either living with me or living in a nursing home, guess what choice I’d make on it? I hate everyone in this house and I don’t need them in my life for anything other than money. Hopefully they see this someday so they’ll know the hell I’ve endured. Not to mention, all of my shoes have holes in them but my mom refuses to buy me new ones!! She claims “If you can walk, you’re fine.” What sense does that make? I am a child of anger and I don’t have a care in the world regarding them. I know that people at my school look down at me because of the way I dress. I’ve outgrown all of my clothes and I can’t get any new ones. My parents always buy my brother new clothes along with my sister, but I guess when it comes to me “I have more clothes than anyone could possibly want in this world.” I wish to rid the world of these vermin via murder but I’ve seen too many murder documentaries to do that. Later we have some sort of family activity to attend but I have no intentions of joining along. Well I hope this brightened your day to know someone’s life is worse than yours. Thanks.

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