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I hate myself. I hate Them and I think I might hate him too.


Posted 31st August 2010 1516

I will be the first to admit, I am not without fault.

- I am a hypocrite
- I lead boys on because I feel like I need the ego boost
- I am a slob
- I am a slacker
- I go through stages of feeling absolutely terrible about myself, then the next day, I think I’m awesome

There are plenty of reasons why I suck.

What I want to write about today, is the fact that Boyfriend sucks. Boyfriend sucks because Boyfriend is my first ever for everything. We’ve been together just over a year at it has occurred to me that he has never made me orgasm. He talked and pressured me into sexual acts. He has made my social life a living hell, which in turn fucked my academic life sideways… or rather… significantly downward… His family are unpleasant and unhappy people. He thinks he’s a good cook. He’s stubborn, rude, insensitive, selfish, childish, over-emotional, bitchy, annoying and clingy. Clingy-er than gum stuck to hair. And he’s possessive.

He might as well hump my leg and pee on me, he likes to make it clear that I am with him. He requires so much maintenance that I just don’t care to give.

He’s my best friend… but I think it might be over. I find myself hating him. I might just stick it out for 8 more months and then break it off once we go to different universities.

I did so much for him. I sacrificed so much for him. I tried new things for him, I endured. I tried. I cared. I got hurt. I lied. I even tided his room once. I resent him so much.

I know I sound like a bitch, but to be honest, I am BEYOND caring any more. I can’t contain my rage. It’s keeping me up at night.

love hate boyfriend resentment fuck bitch fetish orgasm boring hump puppy

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Posted by Anonymous 14th November 2010

know that at some point he made you happy. on the other hand if you wanna break up with him, break up with him! just letting the issue sit there is gunna make things harder

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