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I hate this, yet I don’t do anything about it!

Posted 23rd April 2011 410

I am a disgusting person. I rarely shower. I constantly pick at myself (skin, dandruff from my head, pulling out my hair to see if I get a big root, pulling out my eyebrows when I’m stressed. Constantly picking at my… I can’t even type it. That’s how gross that is. My sheets have not been changed or washed in weeks even though there is a big period stain on my sheets from two periods ago. I just can’t seem to find the energy or effort to change it. My room is an absolute disaster, and I share it with a roommate, and while I feel bad, I don’t feel devastated enough to do shit about it. And she just lets me get away with it. I can’t imagine how annoyed she must be with me.

I have a 12 page paper that was supposed to be due today. I asked for an extension because I knew psychologically and with classes I would not be able to write it in 2 days. Not to mention I don’t feel I have the research to back it up in the least. And now I’ve put off writing it for2 nights since I found out that I got the extension. I’m supposed to be writing it write now, but we can all see how that’s going.

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Posted by Anonymous 28th April 2011

get your arse into gear. life doesn’t feed you from a silver spoon.

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