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I hate you, you stupid pathetic dickhead…Piss off.


Posted 13th November 2010 1115

I’m really pissed off at you Morgan. Before you were gay you were an awesome friend, now because your “gay” your an absolute,total and utter pathetic dickhead. All you talk about is sex,cock and random shit that mature people (like myself) don’t give a flying FUCK about and how fucking DARE you hate straight people. You were straight yourself, so what gives you the bloody right to hate us? Just becuase your “gay” dosn’t give you the excuse to verbaly abuse other people, due to your sexuality or ethnic background. You were a good friend, but because of who you’ve become, your not worth my time,life or even breath.

You think all straight people MUST be gay, like its a “mandotory” thing. Well its not, we’re all born straight and then soon find out what we like and don’t like in life, if you don’t like straight people, well tough were here and always will be. I hate the fact that you would turn a straight person in a gay bar/club gay if they were drunk…Your truly are PATHETIC.

pissed friend pathetic dickhead

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Posted by Anonymous 29th June 2011

People are either born gay or not. It’s not a choice, although your friend is still an ass for assuming that he could turn anyone he wants and talking shit about straight people who never did anything to him.

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