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I just want to know why??


Posted 1st February 2009 1815

Why, if you are supposed to be engaged to her, do you still text me, and drive by my house??

Why, if you are “starting” a new life with her, do you desire to know how mine is doing, after the fact??

Why, do you choose to keep in contact with me, when I never attempeted to do so with you??

Why, must you do this to me??

I just want to know….Why??

boyfriend text

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Posted by Anonymous 1st February 2009

Been there, done that, still hurting, all men are shits. Keep smiling x

Posted by Anonymous 6th February 2009

Men are just so confusing..been holding onto my man for 2 years and now he has finally come to and realize that we are meant to be. I think this guy just still cares about you a lot n even though he is starting a new life he doesn’t want you out of his. You have to do what is best for you not what’s best for him. You deserve better then him…hugs

Posted by Anonymous 16th February 2009

Men are pigs.

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