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I knew this would happen

Posted 4th August 2010 1522

Am I angry? Am I mad? Am I pissed? You be your fucking ASS I’m pissed! To think I believed your bullshit for the second time in a row. You tricked me back then, and led me on and told me that you would leave her for me but instead you fucking sobbed and let her trick you into staying with her. And now just recently, you told me you genuinely wanted me and you DID break up with her, and we were together. For less then a week, though, of course. I should have known you’d take her back because you don’t wanna “wreck our friendship. I love you too much to do that.” Oh, cry me a fucking river. I should have fucking known. I did know. I knew you were going back with her, and I love you so much it hurts. And now you say I’m going to be the one you’re going to marry? Make up your fucking mind already! Either stay with me or dont , stop dragging me back and forth and flirting with me. Stop hurting me, or we really won’t be friends anymore. You’re so fucking lucky that I love you and put up with this bullshit because if I had any sense, I’d have gotten rid of you a long time ago.

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