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I love you

Posted 152 days ago 10

Mason, I think I love you. I know that sounds really dramatic but I think I really do. I remember meeting you at the beginning of 6th grade and you were the first person to say something to me. You are so funny too. I think I realized I loved you over 8th grade when it was you and me in photography class and I just felt really happy when I was with you. I constantly think about what I could have done and I’m always feeling regretful that I never told you. I think about you still, even though summers almost over. I know we’ll be going to the same high school. Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you. You were my first crush. I really think I was in love with you. I’m really trying to move on because it just makes me feel sad that I probably will never really get to talk to you again. It’s just hard.
-Some girl you knew from Cayuse.

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