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I stop talking to female friends who get boyfriends


Posted 11th July 2010 1727

I am so bitterly single, I cant abide hanging around with couples. I hate it when my female friends end up with boyfriends, and I dont speak to mates either once they get shacked up with girls. I’m so pissed off jealous and frustrated that I’ve been single for 2 years and yet everyone around me is settling down, it makes me sick. They’re better off not knowing me when I’m like this. I have loads of female friends because I’m a good mate, but not really the sort of guy you’d want to get deeper with, and I hate that. Some people are on this earth to get married have kids, others just aren’t I’m one of those that aren’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have that same drive as everyone else. So I just become jealous and not pleasant to be around.

bitterly single hanging couples female friends boyfriends shacked pissed

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Posted by mr.t 11th July 2010

I agree with you there. Some couples just want to show off the fact that they are all coupled up. I usually delete such couples off Facebook when they are so indulged in their own shite all the time

Posted by Anonymous 12th July 2010

You seem like a really nice guy, a rarity these days. There is someone out there for you, youll find her!

Posted by Anonymous 27th July 2010

Whatever you do, though… No matter how desparate you are… When you find someone, don’t make the mistake I did. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE. It’ll make you miserable.

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