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Posted 1st April 2011 2323

What do I want? I want you to admit to your ‘friends’ that just like you hurt those people and almost ended up in jail, you hurt me the same way. TELL these people that you’re so friendly to that you HURT me. Abused me. Ran me through the ringer. Physically, mentally, emotionally. TELL THEM! I want you to realize that it’s unfair to make me out to be this ‘crazy bitch’ and TELL them how unfair and hurtful and cruel you’ve been to me. Don’t just gloss over it and say ‘well, I was in a bad place back then and I wasn’t very nice’. Tell these ‘friends’ that you’re such a great guy to about the bruises and shoving me to the floor and why and how it came about I couldn’t put a shirt on by myself or sleep on my right side for weeks on end. How about you admit to them what you tell me- that you feel like a better person because I DID stick by you and talked the shotgun out of your mouth and that I sat with you after you swallowed your box of pills.

What do I want? I want you to tell the truth! TO EVERYONE! To my kids, your kids, your mom, your brother and his wife- EVERYONE! And I want you to tell them SPECIFICALLY- not ever single detail but TURTHFULLY that you DID hurt me, put your hands on me, threaten me, that you did manipulate the situation I was in to keep me from leaving because YOU KNOW YOU DID.

That’s what I want. The TRUTH. I want the truth instead of the half-assed load of crap about being a victim you keep feeding these people. The only thing you’re a victim of is the backlash of deep seated anger I’ve been sitting on all this time. And if you can’t take it, THEN DON’T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT. Only an asshole like you would think ‘hey I can treat you like hell! Woops I feel all better now! Everyone just move on now!’ YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU. You are the only thing you know and you are the only thing that matters. People can bend over backwards to make sure YOU don’t ever experience discomfort. But you? You’re too special and pretty to have to sweat anything.


What do I want?


asshole abusive abusive asshole. liar dweeb narcissist

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