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I want to go home.


Posted 16th December 2011 1213

Okay, you say it EVERYDAY. ?i?ll do it tonight?. No, it?s to fucking late. I?m sitting her for two fucking hours waiting for your lazy ass, when your saying your too fucking busy to come? all I need is for you to come and look at something. Do you think the walls are sound proof? That I can?t hear you and your friend talking from the next room about nothing? Yeah, good idea to move with you. Now I?m stuck across the fucking country with no way to get home, and you don?t even care. All you do is yell at me and say I don?t do anything? No, you got it wrong. I?m ALWAYS doing shit for you and it?s like you don?t even care. And sex? don?t even get me started. It?s fucking horrible. Since I moved in I?ve gotten no pleasure what so ever. Why am I still here? Because you fucking cried like a little baby when I tried to leave. And now your parents? They come too and are trying to fucking control me? I?m a grown ass women. I don?t need this shit. This isn?t what I wanted. I should have just stayed.

asshole controlling parents stuck

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