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I wish he didn’t like her


Posted 2nd December 2012 1117

So I am friends with two people I volunteer with. One is a guy and one is a girl. I have been volunteering with the guy for longer than the girl, in fact, I was the one who invited her to come volunteer with me. Later on she starts disscussing how attractive the guy is and such, and I told her that he was like a brother to me and couldnt think of him that way. Which is obviuosly not true, hence my rant. I like him, a lot in fact. She of course gets all crazy about him saying how much she likes him and how she wants him to ask her out soooo bad to his face. And then of course he does. And I am sitting her mad at myself because I didn’t have the courage to be like that. I might’ve before but because of something that happened last year I didn’t and I didn’t want to be rejected twice in two years. Later that evening she proceeds to tell me all the details via text, while I am sitting, crying in my they were holding hand and how they made another date. It was taking all my self control not to start freaking out and tell her that I like him, because I do want her to be happy, just not with him. We have so much in common, and he is such a great guy. I know that she is only going out with him because of his looks for status.Since she was constently telling her other friends about him even before she was IN a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great, but I also like him for his personality.And it’s not like he doesn’t like me or anything, I look a lot like her, (I may be a tiny bit more chubby) and I am smarter than her. I just have no idea what to do because I still have feelings for him and I can’t stand that she always wants to talk about him to me.

love friend brother

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Posted by purpose 26th December 2012

Hard to read, because I was “that other girl” in high school, and the my friend spoke up after we started dating, and I had no idea she felt that way. She unleashed all of that on me in a rage, I felt terrible, but I never knew. We remained friends, but I ended up dating the guy for four years, because by then we were “in love” (which is rarely love in teen years, by the way) The guy dumped me later, and I felt the pain of that. What got me through (ironically, after an embarrassing week of calling him post-break up) was his mom telling me “If it’s meant to be, it will be. Maybe not now, but later. And if not, just move on.” Crushed my spirit and embarrassed the fuck out of me to hear her say that, but it proved true. I met someone way better later in life, and I feel like I dodged that bullet.I just wanted to say that I can relate, in a way. I hope it all works out for you, whatever that means. In the meantime, know that most people have felt that pain.Keep your head up.

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