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I’d love to dropkick my boss


Posted 15th September 2009 1113

I hate my boss so much I want to punch him in his smug, sneering face. He sneers and rolls his eyes any time you come to him with a new idea, takes credit for anything good and is quick to judge when you make a mistake. He is the last one to come in and the first to leave. He starts off sentences in the middle and then gets angry that I don’t know what the hell he is talking about because I am not a mind reader. I get through meetings with him by nodding and picturing all the ways I can make his head explode, cartoon-style. (Anvil, hammer, two battering rams coming at it from either side, etc.) He is a pompous ass with a hunchback, dandruff, and horrible breath. Sometimes he stands in my office and brushes off his shoulders, sending dandruff flakes flying everywhere. Watching him eat makes me want to vomit.

I hope the good ol’ US of A passes a public option health care bill so that I can leave this job, which I keep only for the insurance.

boss hell idiot hunchback shove

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Posted by theboss 12th October 2009

shut up you stupid bitch. grow some balls and confront him.

Posted by anonymous 12th October 2009

L O L Smiley Face

Posted by Anonymous 12th October 2009


Posted by Anonymous 12th October 2009

i wanna kick my bosses ass too. one day im gonna punch him in his face if he doesn’t pay me.

Posted by nony 12th October 2009

im gonna go after the mans family. aka kids. bash his son up. and slap his daughter silly. hate this man. owes me 3000 bucks.

Posted by the big h 3rd August 2010

id love to punch my boss in his deffective need of a dental surgeon rotten teeth

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