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Im a little tired of this, but ill keep going.


Posted 10th August 2012 1517

I have alot of friends who are always feeling down and belittling themselves.

Maybe they have a mental problem, i don t know.
I only know them online.

I try to cheer them up every time, i always comment when they feel bad and always will.

I just wish i didn’t feel so much responsibility; like if I dont comment they will think im a selfish asshole.
Maybe i am a selfish asshole.

Its just to hard to to cheer up more then 3 people who are feeling upset.

Please guys, i know you can do it. Please do so. we all have problems. I never opened up about mine, maybe that’s why i feel this way.
But one day, one day. i hope i can just sit down and write my emotions.

i should be finishing a portrait now.. not ranting.. :U
Wow i get off track. :/

friends feeling belittling mental problem online comment responsibility

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Posted by the_ugly_black_kid 16th September 2012

even though the people who you’re talking to may not realize it, your’re a great friend

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