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I’m being unreasonable, yes, but I can’t help being annoyed at you, roomie


Posted 10th December 2012 811

So, for most of this year, my roommate never stayed at our room. Seriously, he slept here maybe twice a week, and even then, he’d come home when I was asleep at like 4 am, after having spent a total of maybe two waking hours in the room. Needless to say, I kinda don’t expect him to be home ever. I also just kinda started to feel like the room was mine alone, just with a bunch of things that a friend was storing their. This was terrible thinking on my part, and I’m suffering because of it.

It’s finals week now, and he will not stay away from the room. My rational side realizes why this is, everybody is studying and he can’t crash at their place cause of it, but my emotional side doesn’t care. All it sees is someone who it would rather not have here being here, and having no ability to get rid of them. Worse, since I’m used to him leaving, I keep thinking a friend of his will text or something in a bit and he’ll be gone, as this is what generally happens. Now, I want nothing more than for him to leave and be gone so I can focus again and stop thinking “Why is he here when he could be elsewhere”, but I have no clue how to do it. It’s not even like he’s an ass or anything. He’s a cool guy and I generally enjoy his company.He hasn’t done anything to harm me, and me and him have no real issues with one another that I’m aware of. I’m just frustrated because at a critical time, the situation has changed, and I’m just really shitty at handling it. If anyone’s at fault, it’s me, for not anticipating this to begin with.

I guess it feels kinda like when your parents just drop in unannounced. You love them, they have the right to stop over considering they raised you, and you can’t just tell them “Can you do me a favor and go somewhere else?”, but at the same time, if you’re used to them not being there and then they just show up and sit at the tv, it’s neither easy to get rid of them or ignore them. Especially if you live in a one room flat.

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