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I’m in love with my best friend’s cousin


Posted 18th December 2009 46

it sucks to really like someone, have them be your best friend’s cousin, and for your liking them to have only beent he fault of your best friend, whom without the suggestion you would have never considered liking. it sucks worse to convince yourself that you really like this person and be too chicken to tell them, it sucks to see them with another person, it sucks to be the one stlking you on facebook when they dont know you exist, it sucks to not know if they like you back, and it seriously sucks that i cant see you now, to see your face with your crooked nose that somehow doesnt seem to bother me and of course the full hearted grin that that made me first like you. now I’m in a weird circle where my friend wants me to like him, and i have to agree that he’s cute and he’s funny, but does he ever notice me? and now I’m so eager to go to his house (btw: I’m going tomorow, my friend is bringing me under false pretenses) and i know it’s not normal to want to see his house, and make his family love me, when he probably doesnt even know my name. help me, I’m weird.

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