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I’m not doing anything wrong… right?

Posted 29th June 2011 29

A few week ago I got horribly drunk and ended up making out with a friend of my boyfriend. I know that I shouldn’t have, but the whole reason I went out and got drunk is bc my boyfriend never wants to kiss or do anything together anymore. His friend said that I shouldn’t feel bad since my bf was sleepign around.

My boyfriend has never been big on physical intimacy but he really loves me, or so I thought. I couldn’t help but think that he might be cheating on me since we dont have sex anymore so I came home early one day. He was cheating on me all right. WITH ANOTHER MAN. I watched them fuck for a good 10 min b4 I finally just left. I shoulda said something, anything, but I was just so heartbroken since he seemed to enjoy sex with that guy way more than he ever did with me.

I ended up crying on the shoulder of the guy I made out with and it turned into me having sex with him all night long. It wasn’t the best sex I ever had but after months and months of nothing it was pretty awesome. We’ve been hooking up almost nonstop. I feel like I should be guilty bt it’s nto like I’m in love with this guy. I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me. We just need to work through this. I’m cool with having a threesome with another guy since I’m into anal but I don’t know if he’d be into that. If he’s gay then he wouldn’t, right? I figure that until I know for sure (haven’t gotten the courage to say nething) it’s not like I’m really cheating since my boyfriend is doing stuff as well. I always use protection with both guys so it’s not like I’ll get a disease or pregnant.

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