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I’m so frustrated with my art to the point of wanting to give up (Any advice?)


Posted 22nd August 2015 1531

Every since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing (well, if you consider scribbles “drawings”). All through school I would get in trouble for just drawing all the time. Seriously, in Pre-K, my mom was sent home a note saying how I “should be talked to because [I] was too busy drawing to socialize with the other kids.” My family’s always supported me on it, seeing as I was never good at music and I hated sports. Over the years they’ve bought me supplies, paid for a few classes, etc (seriously, I’m not trying to sound spoiled in anyway - I worked for these supplies and along with them being mostly birthday and christmas gifts). No matter what people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it always had to do with art; whether it was interior design, just an “artist,” director, advertising, and even a fashion designer at one point. Now that I’m entering my junior year, I don’t feel really “connected” with my art. I have no inspiration because I go around the internet and see these beautiful pieces of work that I know I will never be able to make. I’ve been practicing (serious practicing, not just scribbles and doodles) for about 7 years now, and I haven’t made that much change. For the life of me I cannot draw an eyeball, let alone a person. I find drawing from life and drawing figure sketches to be difficult. I can paint pretty well (did that sound cocky? I’m sorry if it did), but it’s never photo-realistic. I’m just so frustrated. My family says I’m good at it, but 99% of the time, I feel/know they’re just saying that because they’re my family so they don’t want to let me down. There are nights where I just sit in bed after attempting to draw, and I just get upset because it just doesn’t seem fun anymore now that college is just around the corner. Do I want to do this with my life? Yes. Will I? I don’t know because I get in these moods where I just don’t want to do any art. It becomes almost this “responsibility” where I force myself to paint something. I have soooo many canvases that are either blank or have half-finished (and by half-finished I mean like under-paintings, so not even half I guess?) paintings because I know I’ll feel proud of them, then see someone else’s better painting. I have so many sketchbooks from over the years (birthdays, classes, holidays, etc.) that are just empty and sitting on a book shelf. I think my main problem is I never know what to draw, and when I do, it never comes out looking like I want - no matter how many times I try to fix it. I’m just so frustrated with it and I don’t know what to do. Any advice is welcomed.

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Posted by Ashley 26th August 2015

Keep trying! I believe in you! You probably notice all the errors in your drawings because you were there when you made them, and you’re constantly criticizing yourself, even if you don’t know it!It’s natural to think you suck, but your art probably looks amazing!Even though I haven’t seen it, I know that 7YEARS of experience and constant support can almost guarantee your art is great.
Famous artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci have trashed their own art and (in anger)burned it? Those paintings could be worth millions now! This has been your dream and you shouldn’t run away from it. Just because your you’re not strong in hyper-realism doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck! Please keep doing what you’re doing. You could be famous! I truly support you, whoever you are!
P.S. Don’t compare yourself to others, compare you to yourself. There’s always someone better than you, but you can ALWAYS be better than yourself.

Posted by whatev 28th August 2015

Don’t look at other artists’ stuff. What are you doing to get better? Just drawing the same things over and over again will make you better by increments but you’ll only really get better if you challenge yourself. Drawing from life is the best way to do that. If you like painting, work more on that. Not everyone is good at everything. And if you do like paint, try drawing with charcoal– big and quick. You’ll find that it is more like painting than pencils and pens.
Why do you pin all your hopes on your paintings being photorealistic? That’s just one style. Either keep trying until you figure it out (grids help with that, by the way) or find a style that is more you. Some people just don’t have the knack for it.

Posted by Anonymous 17th September 2015

You know, I went on here to post about me and my art too. I am at this stage right now. I am doing IGSCE art and I’ve kinda locked focus on graphics designer. I was so naive now that I have started GSCE art i am probably the worst one in my class. My self esteem and confidence is down at 2%. I like art. Hell i love it, but i am feeling like talking to my principal to change my subject to another which i am actually better at. My parents are the same.

Posted by fgkj 21st September 2015

Look, I was like you, I drew all the time. By your age I could do photo-realism. However, it still bores me to death. I went to college for other things. Once in a while I get something out and draw. Sure, sometimes someone asks why I don’t do it for a living and I’m like “because it bores the shit out of me.” It’s okay to change. Just because you used to like doing it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to keep liking it. Growing up is change.
And I disagree with some other comments here (that you shouldn’t judge against others works). Family and friends are useless as critics, they always think you’re awesome because they suck (even more?) at it. Most shitty artists I’ve met really think they are fantastic because they bought into all that hollow praise.
And while it’s true that you should not compare yourselves to others in order decide if you are “good” as an artist, it DOES matter that you don’t like it anymore.

Posted by Tato 13th October 2015

My parents are also like yours. They say my art is the best thing in the world when they are really just saying that to be nice. Maybe confront them and ask them to be honest about it, or even use other websites that allow for structured critiques/feedback. It will probably help you progress more. And if your bored of it, take a break. I used to draw every day until one day I got really bored. Now its more of a heat of the moment thing. If i see something I like online, I will try to use that in one of my own drawings.
And if you don’t know what to draw, use pintrest and search even something simple like just “art” it will give you tons of ideas of what to draw c:

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