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I’m the crapper


Posted 26th November 2008 2428

I crapped my pants once. Blamed the smell on a nerd. I’m such a fuckin bitch.

crapped blamed fuckin confession

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Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008

a dick move, but it was a tough call to make. you can’t very well say “oh, I crapped my pants.” but blaming someone else is not cool. I don’t know what I would have done. I might have done the same. I neither forgive or condemn.

Posted by Smooth Move Ex-Lax 27th November 2008

Well, that’s not very nice. The crap didn’t slide down your leg or anything like that?

Posted by ooze 27th November 2008

now this is just stupid!

Posted by God 27th November 2008

HAHAHAHAHAHAH go back to preschool and get some potty training and social values

Posted by Anonymous 28th November 2008

Totally forgivable. Sometimes shit happens. Literally. As long as you don’t make a habit of it…

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

You did the right thing, thats what nerds are for. Next time you see that nerd and a bunch of your friends are around, make sure to bully him and remind everyone that he shit his pants. Thats how you keep your rep.

Posted by Sunshine 3rd January 2010

That was the only thing to do without looking like an ass. Shit happens, y’know? You should (have?), like, send a gift to the nerd or somethin’. ‘Cause nerds make the world go ’round.

You are forgiven by the Ultimate Sunshine.

Posted by Anonymous 8th February 2010

Yeah, you’re a bitch. Go die. You sound like the kind of cunt who needs taking down a few pegs. I hope someone remembers this incident and figures out it was you, thus ruining your reputation and social life, and earning you a vicious beating from your cunt friends.

Also, the nerd you blamed will probably design various bits of software that they’ll use to cure the various illnesses you get in later life from starving yourself/munching diet pills/spawning endless ugly fuck children until your pussy looks like someone kicked a hole in a rotted hog’s carcass.

When your tits looks like empty translucent sacks filled with blue worms you’ll look back and remember shitting your pants as a high point in your life.

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