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Im the girl hes cheating with.


Posted 1st May 2011 2430

Dear Bill*,

Yea, remember your GIRLFRIEND who you supposidly are in love with, who is supposidly perfect at everything? Yea, I’m not her. I’m not your girlfriend Bill. I’m your friend. Why do I have the urge to kiss you everytime I get in your car? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

The first time we kissed, way back when on our very first date when we were both single, that was special. It really was. I’m sorry I just used you to get over my break up with George*. I’m sorry I under estimated just how amazing you were. You were everything I needed, but I didn’t know it at the time.
WEDNESSDAY: Bill, you took me to the mall. The girl at Hot Rags asked if we were dating and if I saw your “thingy.” It was really funny, and I got Zoes* sweet sixteen present. You also informed me about how you knocked up Kate* and she had an abortion, and also on your new girlfriend Megan*.

THURSDAY: George and I broke up. I called you immediatley. You came over and you comforted me. We were joking around, “eating” eachothers faces while saying, “Om Nom Nom.” you started, kissing me. I continued to om nom you, totally wanting to kiss you back, but Megan… You were confused.
Bill “What are you doing?”
Me “Eating you?”
You said something along the lines of “Why don’t you kiss me”
Me “Megan”
Bill “She will never find out”
And we kissed.

Keep in mind, that George and I just broke up after an almost 13 month relationship.

Well, turns out we didnt actually break up. What the hell? I know.
I thought we did.
Turns out, we just got rid of the boyfriend girlfriend label.
Fucked up!!!!!!

Anyways, Bill and I didn’t really hang out much. He was with Megan, I was with George.
But when we did hang out, we kissed. That was it though.

But then George and I broke up for real 3 days ago, I called you Bill. Of course you were there for me. You took me out for ice cream and we kissed more. Your still dating Megan.

I’m not sure how this all happened Bill.
I was with George three days ago.
But between then and now, I’m single and am using you as a rebound guy.
The thing is though Bill, is that you are “undoubtingly in love with Megan.”
Bullshit Bill. Bull fucking shit!!!!!
If you were in love with her, we would be able to hang out with out making out.
If you were in love with her, you wouldn’t know how my boobs look.
If you were in love with her, you wouldn’t have asked for a blow job, I admit on this one, I shouldnt have given one…. or like 7…, but this is my rant Bill, I dont need to be logical, I just need to be upset!
If you were in love with Megan, then we wouldnt have had sex.
If you were in love with Megan, then we wouldn’t be feeling how we do about eachother.

I think that we are taking this whole thing way to serious. I don’t want a relationship. I dont care how good you smell, but I can never trust you to be my boyfriend.
You claim to love megan and have SEX with me.
I know, I should have listened to my heart that was telling me not to. I know that. But you don’t. Because guess what, you fucking stuck it in me again today after me telling you I didnt want to. But I do have to admit it wasn’t rape. It sounds like it, but I told him no when he was in, and he got out. I’m not mad about that really, I mean, other then the fact he didnt have a condom on… but I mean, he didn’t shoot or have pre cum. and even if he did, he’s three inches long, and probably wasnt all the way inside me. I’ll take some advil and vitamin C just to make sure though so I dont get pregnant…

Anyways Bill, Were done.
Have a happy life as a cheater.

HIS PENIS IS 3 INCHES LONG. I had to ask if it was inside of me when we were doing it. He didn’t know because he was wearing a condom. I think he was…
I know we had sex though because when he came he pulled out of me after he was done.
Thats another thing. I dont want guys to cum in me, period.
Condom or not, when you cum, you get the fuck away from me.
He came inside of me. Really. what the fuck is that!!!!
I didnt orgasm. He’s three inches long. Thank god we did it from behind or else he would have known I was bored as fuck… hehe. Ironic..
He SUCKS at kissing. I love kissing. It’s sweet and passionate. But he’s just like, weird about it.
He sucks at fingering. Some of what he does is good. But when hes actually in.. Ow.
He’s the second guy I let in me. Like finger, sex, etc. But I know what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t doubt that Megan likes how he is, but for me, I would perfer not having him down there.
Bill and I will never be together. I know we wont because I cant trust him. He says he loves megan but fucks me. thats not right. Who says that he wouldn’t do it to me? Besides, he likes long meaningful relationships. I was just in one for a year with George. I dont fucking want to be in a relationship yet!!!!


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Posted by SquidVicious 3rd May 2011

lol if he’s so bad then why’d you do it so many times with him? XD why would you even touch that tiny thing? either way the dudes a cheater i wouldn’t want a relationship with him just cuz he could do the same thing to U. XD even if he wasn’t a cheater i don’t think i could be with someone that unsatisfying.

Posted by Anonymous 3rd May 2011

you’re both in the wrong, him for cheating on his girlfriend, and you for letting him cheat on his girlfriend.

Posted by Anonymous 5th May 2011

My favorite line from the wall of text?

“I dont need to be logical, I just need to be upset!”

reminds me of every woman I ever… well, met.

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