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I’m tired of it all.


Posted 5th May 2011 68

I’m just tired of people insulting me to boost themselves up. I’m tired of certain ways society is, such as work, and dating/relationships. I’m tired of people trying to look their best to impress people but when I talk to them, they treat me like shit. I’m tired of not being thin and muscular, and I’m tired of not being healthy. I’m tired of not being popular with women, even though I see unemployed bums who are alcoholics get fucked 3, 4 times a night and I get nothing. I’m tired of observing a world where people only care about materialism and themselves, and try their best to perfect their existence, yet do nothing, NOTHING to help other people in need. I’m tired of women going out with guys who treat them like SHIT, yet those same women view nice guys as “weird” or ‘creepy” for some reason, even though THEY are the ones who are being abused yet keep going back.

Sorry if this has gone on too long, I’m just sick and tired of how unfair and biased the world is, and how if you simply LOOK a certain way, your life will be amazing. Intelligence doesn’t matter, it only matters if your boss can get in between your legs and whether you can impress people at the party.

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