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Is age REALLY that big of deal?


Posted 9th December 2008 4299

I’m 16, dating a 46 year old. No sex, yet, waiting till i’m 18. I love him very much. He loves me, i’m not an idiot..nor am i immature. i love that he’s older then me. he is in no way selfish, condesending, or horrible to me in any way. he respects me,loves me, cares for me. why do people always say that older guys ONLY want you for the sex? we’ve talked about sex many many times of course. but since neither of us want to get the other in trouble we are waiting. haven’t even had oral or anything. also, he has not had sex for 7 YEARS. so how can he want me JUST for the sex? if he is with me just for the sex, we would have by now don’t you think? it’s SO annoying how people say it’s just for the sex. it makes me want to bash them over the head. believe me, i’m ALMOST hornier then him, and more often but we wait. we both say that age is just a number. i can’t wait till i get to fuck his brains out whenever i want without the worry. AND all of you who say age is a big deal…can piss off. i do love him. he does love me. if you ever see a younger girl and older guy making out in public feeling eachother up etc. that’s me and him livin it up. :)

age isn’t a big deal.

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Posted by Anonymous 9th December 2008

jesus… thats fucked up

Posted by Anonymous 10th December 2008

sounds like hes a peado ha

Posted by Anonymous 10th December 2008

I’ll forgive you but…at 16 you really don’t have a clue what love is…sorry but it’s true. I would make a bet right now that you wont last with this guy until you hit 18…you’ll grow up and change and he wont, he is who he is, you are still figuring it out. You may just decide that by being with him for any longer that you are losing out on potentially some of the best years of your life…

Hey if it works power to you. I have a friend who is 57 and is dating a 20 year old…and he aint nothing special…but it works…

Be prepared for MOST people to think your crazy though.

Posted by missmack 12th December 2008

if you were a little older say legal it wouldn’t matter that he is 30 years your senior, but your not will be soon but not. he is sick baby he was 30 when you was born i dated a 27 year i was 17 got pregnat and decided he act like a old man and left it aint gone work they just want you for themselves it and oh yeah they like young girls your not special like i thought they have a complex

Posted by Anonymous 17th December 2008

Thats gross as fuck.

Posted by Anonymous 18th December 2008

Ewww, wtf are you thinking, your 16, you could have some hot young guy in the palm of your hand. And you choose the creepy old fucker!! There is something wrong with you, cuz trust me, you arn’t special to him. I know it hurts and sux to hear it, but its true!!

Posted by Anonomous 16th January 2009

You’re 16 so probably think it’s great now. Normal men his age and even a lot younger don’t prey on 16 year old girls.

It sounds like he is a loser who can’t pick up a normal woman of marriagable age.

Picture this. When you’re 45, he’ll be 75. His balls will be hanging around his knee caps and you will probably be wiping the his incontenent arse and the drool off his chin.

Sounds pretty romantic to me too.

Posted by slibinz 16th January 2009

The only way this can possibly make any sense is if you two are so ugly that you can’t get a guy your age and he’s so ugly that he can’t get a woman his age. Otherwise, he’s a loser and a pervert and a LIAR. He’s just TELLING you that it’s not about sex because he’s trying to win your trust and he’s hoping that eventually you’ll give in to horniness and fulfill his pedophile dreams. He also has to be horribly mentally immature because no rational, mature, normal adult his age would want to have anything to do with a 16 year old. I know it doesn’t feel like it but one day you’ll look back and understand how wrong this is. If there’s any other young girls reading this who’re considering something similar or are already in a similar relationship,STOP. There’s a reason why EVERYONE condemns this…the condemnation goes across the board, liberal and conservative, straight and gay, religious and atheist…nobody approves of this because it will only lead to tragedy or heartbreak.

Posted by Sensi 16th January 2009

did your dad go to school with him?
when i was 16, my dad was 46…..

Posted by Tom 16th January 2009

Whatever works for you.

Posted by Anonymous 16th January 2009

To the previous comments:

Your = the possessive of you.
You’re = a contraction of you are.

Unfathomably more shocking than a 16 year old dating a man 30 years her senior.

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

What’s actually happening here is you’re dumb and you think he cares about you for more than sex. He’ll wait two years if you’re that good looking.

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

you, bitch, are retarded

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

Spoken like a true child.

Posted by Noir 17th January 2009

Looks like you have daddy issues. Lemme guess: your dad left when you were a young girl?

This guy should be ashamed to be around you and defying his position of trust with a teenager. Sure, it’s not about sex NOW, but there is an eventuality that there will be sex, and that is why he hangs around. Even when sex isn’t on the table, I suspect there are other things that turn him on about you: mainly, having eye-candy to look at and/or touch whenever he pleases. I recommend you go see a counselor about your mental issue, because if you go through life like this, you will eventually run across an older person who is entirely unethical and willing to do whatever he wants to you simply because he can.

No good will come of this, regardless of how stubborn you want to be.

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

First of all, who do you think you are denying him sex? You need to at least give him oral if you expect him to wait around for you. Also dont listen to what anyone else has to say, they are just jealous that you found real love. They probably arent as lucky as you are.

Posted by AnastaciaBeaverhousen 31st March 2009

Talk about chasing the grave!
were you grave robbing and found someone who was still alive ?

Posted by Anonymous 5th April 2009

Fucking Peado Alert ! He’s fucking grooming you good and proper.

Posted by my bf is 16yrs older!!! 12th April 2009

i met my bf the day b4 my 17th birthday he was 33, we have been together for OVER 3 YEARS!!!
it CAN work, just be carefull and as 4 the twat who siad u cant know what love is at 16 is a twat! love is different for everyone, you dont all of a sudden get older and wake up and go ” oh i know what love is now”. after all people mature at diff ages!!!!

Posted by Anonymous 12th April 2009


Posted by Anonymous 10th September 2009

Have fun making love to his wrinkly, old, dick. What a present for your coming of age.

Posted by Anonymous 10th September 2009

You’re a kid, just imagine when you want kids, it’s a womanly thing to feel.
You prepare yourself for children, eg. say 22?
He’ll be 52 EEWW

And he’s most probably sleeping with prostitutes, enjoy your failed relationship.

Posted by nonomous 10th October 2009

OMFG words cant describe. Yes I have friends that date much much older guys and I still don’t support them. The fact that this man can only relate to a 16 teenage girl says he has some serious issues. In a relationship for it to be viable there has to be at least some common ground. In this relationship all I can possibly see is that you and him are seriously disturbed. Also if you don’t like the responses your getting you probably shouldn’t of posted this story since you cant be dumb enough not to know about the values society holds

Posted by Anonymous 27th October 2009

this is perverted tbh.
he is old enough to be ur dad. when u were born he was thirty. thats disgusting.
he has serious problems if he is ‘in love’ with you and your 16 ?!
andddd at the age of 46 men want sex. and hes obviously not getting it from you so he’s getting it elsewheree.. OR he cant get sex of no one else so is staying with you cos he can see your ‘horny’ and thinks if he plays his cards right he’ll get it on with you



Posted by Anonymous 24th February 2010

Is your pet name for him ‘Dad’?
It should be.

Posted by meyeh 7th March 2010

Anyone who says he sounds like a paedo has been watching too much TV and needs to be locked up instead of accusing innocent men of that stuff. 16 is legal age for sex in the UK

Posted by Pony 11th March 2010

Enjoy! I heard that older guys know a lot of sex tricks and are very kinky.

Posted by ohdear 19th March 2010

WRONG! Age is a big deal when you’re younger than 18. You are too young and stupid to know shit, quite frankly.

Really, a man that old dating a sixteen year old. *Think* about it. WTF?!

Posted by Anonymous 23rd April 2010

older guys know how to come across as caring just to fuck you
your a dumb lil bitch for trusting him

Posted by Anonymous 17th May 2010

Go get yourself a Dad; obviously you don’t have one. This man is a pedophile. Have some kids with him so he can “love” them too, you mental case.

Posted by Anonymous 4th August 2010

Wait a minute, you’ve been waiting for seven years? You were NINE when you got with him?

How has nobody else pointed this out?!

Posted by Anonymous 3rd October 2010

who’s the daddy?

Posted by Anonymous 10th April 2011

He loves me

No he doesnt. You are in a cult. Ask yourself if you feel safe around him or do you feel like you have to act a certain way or he wont love you? Ask yourself if that is real love. Ask yourself if there has ever been a time where you needed him to be there for you , and he wasn’t. Ask yourself what he would say if you suggested you both go get some counseling - would he rage about it? Would he be angry ? would he hit you?

is that love?

Posted by Anonymous 10th April 2011

Actually it’s not just you and him. It could be you and Jeffrey Epstein (google it). Ask yourself, are you sure there are no other girls? What does he do when you aren’t around? Ask yourself honestly about this. If he has all these other girls, why is that? Aren’t you enough for him? Is that real love?

Posted by jane doe 1st June 2011

Your an idiot. I had a friend who felt the same way about her 45 year old boyfriend when she was 18. She was fat and an airhead. It didn’t work out, he still lived at home with his mom. So, I’m going to agree with EVERYONE else and say he’s a weirdo pedophile. Get out while you can. He knows exactly what to say and do for you to make you feel loved. Especially if you’ve never been in a relationship before or are still a virgin. He probably beats off before and after your around if he’s not taking advantage of other stupid little girls like you. Where are your parents? Where are his parents? Men like that should be shot. What could you possibly have in common with him? I agree that you should both seek counseling immediately!

Posted by Anonymous 29th June 2011

I had a friend who dated a 40-something year old while she was in high school. Nobody did anything about it although everyone knew. She thought it made her seem more mature while we all thought it just made her look stupid and desperate.

Fast forward to a few years later, she’s in a dead end relationship because she’s starting to realize she’s with a loser. She wants tons of sex. He doesn’t. When they do have it, it isn’t very good since she’s now more experienced and isn’t the newbie she once was.

Years and years later, they’ve separated and now she’s bitter that she wasted so much of her time with this guy. He’s moved on to another young thing 1/4th his age in order to “feel young” because nobody his age will have him and/or are too smart to put up with his BS.

Posted by Anonymous 30th October 2011

I would do some psycology research if I were you. I am glad he?s not pressuring you for sex, but that doesn?t mean this relationship is healthy. You need to ask some questions. Why isn?t he dating women his age? Do I know anything about his past relationships and why they didnt work? Does he have a criminal record? You two should be at two very different points in your life. The fact that he wants to be with a teenage adolescent means he has some issues. Think about the future. Will he cheat on me when I?m older with another young girl? Is he controlling? Sadly, some men have these type of relationships because they want a pretty young thing to control. You may not see at first because he?s trying to impress you. Maybe he has a personality disorder? All I?m saying is this might be a harder road than you think. You may be mature for your age, but you have a lot more experience to gain. You may get older and wiser and see him in a different light, and then what?

Posted by ROFL 8th December 2011

Are you gonna have fun changing his diapers? Think of it this way… when you hit the prime of your life, you’re going to be taking care of an old man who can’t get it up anymore. That’s why he “loves” you, he’s looking for a caretaker, someone who will make money when he retires. LOL He knows damn well social security isn’t enough. Hun, you’re too naive for your own good.

Posted by Anonymous 10th January 2012

2years is nothing to him fool just thought someone your age (16) would point that out

Posted by Anonymous 13th January 2012


Posted by Benila 17th February 2012

Duuuuuude, this is sick as FUCK.

Posted by Anonymous 13th May 2013

I’m not sure what to think of this. I know it’s none of my business honestly. But I think it would be nice if you found someone a more appropriate age for you. Think about everything you love about this man and look for these things in other guys. Is it that hard? I’d understand you wanting to date someone in their twenties, but anything over 30 doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure you’ll find someone better for you.

Posted by asldkfj 20th September 2015

You’re right, he doesn’t want you for the sex. He wants you because you are stupid enough to go out with him. And yes, you are the one dumb enough to have sex with him, because he had to fish that young to find someone that stupid.

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