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Is there a way out of this

Posted 12th May 2012 59

I am so sick of people putting me down for not accepting gay marriage. I have tried to state my case civilly too, and I get trashed as a bigot, liar, a fake, a piece of shit, lesser than them. Do you think for once how this makes me feel? What is a debate without the opposite opinion? This is no debate, you are the ones spewing the hate and intolerance. I have been crying all day and as I write this from the comments I received, and the humiliation, I have a dying mother in the hospital, am poor, not many friends in real life (and apparently now online). I am ready to kill myself for this extra stress. What I wouldn’t give for someone to defend me even a little bit, even if it’s fake. If anything, this is furthering my acceptance of gays, so you aren’t helping your own agenda. I have deleted most of my deviantart stuff, I have lost that light of my passion. I have deleted people from my websites, I don’t want people to talk to me anymore in case I hurt them with my horrible opinion. It’s ok, you won’t hear from me anymore, you weren’t there for me like a true friend. Just let the death be painless and quick, I have given up.

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Posted by YourFriend 16th May 2012

That must be so fucking miserable. I am so sorry man. I have never had so much abandonment or pain, but I know you can pull out of it. I’m your friend, your life is precious to me. Email me and I’ll give you a call.

Posted by You are not alone 17th May 2012

My friend, I too know the sting of the hatred spewed by people who support gay marriage. I too oppose it on many grounds, but the supporters are never willing to listen because they don’t want equality, they want superiority. They know that rational argument and discussion can never let them win and so all they can resort to is bullying and belittling anyone who disagrees with them. Pity their smallness of mind and don’t let them win by intimidating you. You are not alone in the views you hold, seek out others who have your same views and you can find value there. You’re life is intrinsically valuable, and you make it moreso everytime you stand up for the truth.

Posted by Anonymous 19th May 2012

“They’re intolerant for not accepting my intolerance!”

Yup. Makes perfect sense.

Posted by Anonymous 28th May 2012

I agree with the comment above me.

And if something that has nothing to do with you bothers you so much, I think you need to see a shrink.

It a dumb reason to threaten death on yourself.

And just because your mom is in a bad way does not mean people should hold back their own opinons. I dont even know why you put her in a post about gay marrige.

The fact is I dont think you can take a debate very well. And you dont make a whole lot sense.

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