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Is this not weird….


Posted 1st March 2009 1615

So the other day my friends bf text me to see how much I wanted to sell my car for. No big deal. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sell it to him, cuz he kinda just beats the crap out of his cars. So I told him that.

Then I was thinking about it and I was like eh what the hell, I probably wont get anyone else that wants it and I need to get rid of it. So I text him and asked him how much he would give me for it. We went back and forth talking for awhile and it came down to 500 obo. He said he would think about it.

Now the next day I was hanging out with his gf ( my best friend ) and I asked her why he would want my car, and she was like “What? He doesn’t want your car.” So this stricked me as a little odd, and I told her that he was texting me about it just the day before. And she was like “oh well I don’t think he wants it, maybe its for someone else.” Then she got a weird look on her face and was like “I know, yeah its for someone else, someone was asking him about it, so he is probably just finding things out for that guy.” Well this got me curious to know who infact wanted my car and she was a little stand offish when I asked her. Finally I figured it out….

My ex bf wants to buy my car…now this may not seem weird to you, but if you know the whole situation you would think so too…

We have been broken up for over a year and he is now living with the girl he cheated on me with ( my ex friend )…He still texts me, drives by my house, he bought another dog that is the same kind as mine and named it what I was going to name the next one I got…the whole 9 yards, and some, its kinda strange…Now he wants my car….

So I ask, to you guys out there…”Why would you do all that and then want your ex gf’s car as well??”

I would understand if I had a really nice car, but I don’t, so thats not the answer…..

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Posted by Anonymous 2nd March 2009

lol he seems a bit odd….maybe its the first step in making a shrine….memorabilia and all that….watch out for your stuff going missing…

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