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It’s History


Posted 28th September 2011 1220

This is a confession…
I looked in the internet history of my mother’s iPhone, and saw things like “casual encounter” and “suck my…” and “find adult friends!”
This is totally awkward and I’ve decided to not think about it, but I just feel that I need to say what happened SOMEWHERE. y’know?

confession looked internet history mother iphone things casual encounter friends totally

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Posted by That sucks 18th October 2011

That really does suck, its worse than walking in on your parents together, and that happened to me. I feel for you.

Posted by Anonymous 22nd October 2011

so whats your moms phone number???

Posted by Anonymous 28th April 2012

I walked in on my parents when i was three eughhhh The memories still there 12 years later…….. -_-

Posted by Jezebel 18th July 2012

I hope your guilt eats away at you, nosy! Your mother is an adult as long as what she does, doesn’t affect the way she raises you….fuck it! let her enjoy life, shit… you probably sucked half the life out of her just by being born.

Posted by Anonymous 18th March 2013

My kids would find so much porn in my phone. I never let them touch it out of my sight.

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