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It’s OK, right?


Posted 29th June 2011 75

My friend has been neglecting her boyfriend and me. She’s in a very fast paced and high stress degree program. We understand this and we told her that as long as she at least talks to us every once in a while, we’re OK with not hearing from her for days on end. Her boyfriend and I hang out with each other in order to keep each other company.

Then about 3 months ago we started fucking. We were drunk and complaining about my friend, then he drops the bombshell that they haven’t had sex since she started her degree about a year ago. He’s asked her if she wants to separate so they can both focus on their lives but she pulls a guilt trip on him. I told him that she’s done similar stuff to me, cancelling on just about every plan we make. Next thing we know, he’s doing me doggystyle over the side of the sofa.

Initially we were going to confess but every time we tried talking to our friend, she blew us off to go study. So eventually we were all “screw it” and kept messing around. We occasionally feel bad but we only see our friend about once a month and talk to her only once a week or so, so it’s not like we’re even friends with her anymore.

I’ve never had better sex in my life.

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