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It’s not my ovaries fault you’re acting like a bitch.


Posted 14th February 2012 1222

People need to learn that what we mean to be insulting and what actually is insulting are aren?t mutually exclusive. If you accidentally insulted somebody, accept, apologize, rectify. Do not blame them. Do not go apeshitty ?OMG WHY ARE YOU GETTING INSULTED WHEN I DIDN?T EVEN MEAN IT THAT WAY YOU?RE JUST EMOTIONAL? Just because you didn?t mean it doesn?t mean you aren?t to blame. Also getting angry because somebody else is angry at you as a self defence mechanism makes you a petty, spoilt child. Changing the subject or saying anything similar ?Yeah, well you did this unrelated thing? doesn?t solve anything it just gets everybody angrier. You?re not the perfect little centre of the universe who can do no wrong. You fucked up whether that was your intention or not. Act accordingly.

Sidenote: Dudes, it ain?t my fault I have a vagina. Quit blaming me and my gender when you can?t get pussy. I manage it just fine. And it?s not my fucking responsibility to feel all sorry for you and bend over just because you?re desperate. You can fuck, RIGHT off. It?s not our fault as a collective because women can?t see what a special snowflake you are, you should probably have a good hard look in the mirror, or look at the qualities of other people you don?t like and ask yourself ?Do I do that?? Same goes for all the single bitches. Get your Forever Alone pictures out of my face. You could get a partner if you stopped being a desperate, pathetic loser. Why don?t I have a partner? I?ve been single for a year and I get asked out every week, it?s because I hate everybody, don?t want to deal with them and don?t want them to fucking touch me. There have been so many times I?ve wanted to shave my hair and cut up my face just so I?ll be left alone forever. It?s this dramatic, emotional bullshit that keeps me single. Fuck your shit, humans. I refuse to be accepted as one of you.

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