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I’ve got a question for you all…


Posted 4th March 2010 1532

…What right does a person have to get mad for you if you apparently forget to tell them your not going to be home at your normal time and they can’t reach any of their friends? I had an eye appointment today, and I’ve checked my IM message history and guess what? I told him that I was going today, yet when I get home he accuses me of not telling him (why do I have to tell him anyways? I’m not dating him or anything, he’s just my friend and he knows what’s been going on anyways.) and then goes on to say I lied to him. Then he goes on to say that me and our other friends he can’t get a hold of do this on purpose, and claims that I have to always make escuses as to why when I actually do reply to him. Then he goes on to to say that those escuses are lies, when I’m pretty damn sure I haven’t lied to him.

Honestly, does he really have a right to take his anger out on me, who had a valid reason for being gone and did tell him I was going to be gone? God damn it he pisses me off so much sometimes…

person apparently forget normal friends appointment checked message history accuses tellin

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Posted by me 14th April 2010

sounds like your friend is a psychic vampire. google it, it makes sense. it has nothing to do with being dead or drinking blood.

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