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Jackass father


Posted 13th December 2012 816

Where to start you bitch at me over my sister getting pregnant and not telling you till you hear she’s in labor. WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO DO ABOUT IT SHE DIDN’T WANT ME TO TELL YOU A GODDAMN THING THAT’S HER BUSINESS NOT MINE SO DON’T FUCKING BITCH AT ME CUZ UR DAUGHTER DOESN’T TELL YOU SHIT!!!! Further more dont tell me not to say something that I feel if I say ur not making fucking sense guess what it means cut the fucking shit and tell me what the fuck ur talking about! Who the hell are you to accuse me of some nasty shit like that first of all I don’t piss on a goddamn toilet seat, that’s fucking nasty u blind bastard! Further more do I complain when ur nasty ass pisses on the goddamn seat no I don’t i clean that nasty shit up I don’t even bring it up to you so don’t accuse me of shit without the fucking facts. And btw I do hate ur bitch of a girlfriend she ugly and a fucking cunt so stop trying to bring me around her and stop fucking talking about her in every sentence you say. You want to be with that mousy faced bitch go right the fuck on u asshole of a father. Ps u are in no fucking state to try to yell at me or bitch to me you weren’t even around for me growing up and when you came around it was too fucking late!

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